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Step 6 – Get the right people you need to meet the objective


It’s pretty obvious that you need to have good people to do a good job. The tricky part is to have the right person for the right job.  If you have been out on the floor getting to know your employees, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, trusting in your supervision staff on your top performers, and knowing who has the right attitude and aptitude, you should be able to find the right people for the job.  If you have done your job correctly, you will have an inspired staff, full of knowledge, just waiting to show you their talents and strengths.  You will also need to start off with hiring, and keeping, the right people, as well as keeping the good people you already have. 


This section alone is a lesson or two within itself.  We have dedicated much more information to this subject in lesson 3 regarding ideas on how to create, motivate, recognize, evaluate, and compensate your people, and Lesson 4, which is dedicated to hiring and retaining the right people. 


Step 6 is probably the most important step in this lesson.  It really is all about the people within your organization who truly make a difference.  Your job as manager is so much easier when you’re surrounded by nothing but the best people.

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