Along with the "Master Certificate in Business Management" you will receive a personalized "Certification Reference Letter" which states that you passed the “Management Skills & Leadership Development Course" and lists all that was covered in the course.  This can help build your resume and strengthen your management portfolio as it is presented in a letter of recommendation format. The letter states that:

 The following components were covered in this calculated 80-hour course:

  • Key points to strong leadership
  • Leadership vision and managerial goals
  • Organizational strategizing and planning to its optimum
  • Essential reporting and process documentation
  • Inspiring teamwork
  • Creating and developing a strong team
  • Motivating employees to achieve high success
  • Evaluating and rewarding job performance
  • Managing the different personalities
  • Hiring and retaining the right employees
  • Dealing with conflict, violence and difficult employees
  • Dealing with attendance and poor job performance
  • The importance of delegation 
  • Multitasking and prioritizing skills
  • Time management and keeping stress under control
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Verbal and written communication skills 
  • Meeting management
  • Preparing and delivering a presentation
  • Communicating change to the staff
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Business including:
  • Finance & Accounting statements and budgeting
  • Economics & Ethics
  • Operations and Quality Management
  • Customer Operations - Care, Service & Support
  • Marketing & Sales
  • The importance of constant open communication
  • Earning respect amongst staff and peers
  • Sharing the vision and achieving the goals

The letter ends with a personalized message towards a successful managerial career with the company logo embedded on a proprietary gold seal image (the hard copy has a proprietary metallic gold foil seal), your unique Certificate ID, the Website QR code (for cell phone scanning which makes it easy for possible employers to just scan to open the website), and signed by the President of Master Class Management. 

Certification Reference Letter Example
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